Orange Is The New Box

Orange Is The New Box

I’m not one for a DIY post. But tonight my girls asked if we had any boxes to decorate for their jewelry. The first thing that came to mind was, did my nanny toss that Amazon shipment? And then it hit me: That! Is why I kept all that space-sucking Hermes packaging from my wedding china. I mean, they could have decorated the china as well for all I care – what a bad registry call on my part. So I dug up what once housed an ashtray and a creamer and the kids went to town with feathers and abstract drawings. A few glitter stickers and some scribble signatures later and they presented me with personalized, designer boxes for homemade name bracelets and Atsuyo et Akiko pom pom rings alike. And while it feels too young to introduce them to mandarin orange, it beats my fake bakelite purchase that have drawers that stick.

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