Later Skater

Later Skater

Over the years I’ve slowly learned to embrace California culture, both past and present. After eight years of LA life, I can truly say that my heart is now divided between my two coastal homes. Not only will my kids will be California-bred, my mom and brother now reside here too. What can I say? It’s a bitchin’ place to live. One of my favorite local galleries, M+B, had a Hugh Holland exhibit a while back, and I am still thinking about his photographs. They’re a peek into the untouchable skateboard scene in the ’70s, in and around Los Angeles. And their romantic, groovy vibe will make anyone who grew up during that time in New York wish he or she were cruisin’ down the boardwalk as opposed to lower Broadway.


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  1. Novelle Vogue 7 years ago

    Great photograph!
    Never been to the states myself but I know California would be the place for me

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