Homeland Security

Homeland Security

We’ve been casually looking for a new house for over a year now. Sadly, in the process we’ve become indifferent to our current address, the place where so many important things have taken place: it’s the home we designed together as newlyweds, the home where I mourned my father’s death, and the home where we raised our three young daughters. We’ve made tons of friends – some of whom have moved on – and have watched our neighborhood go from geek to chic over the past decade. We turned the breakfast nook into an office, the guest room into a baby’s room and the family room into a little girl’s room. We tore down, re-landscaped and painted. We photographed it for two magazines. And yet I still find myself desperate to leave all of this wonderful ju ju, for probably only a thousand square feet more, and most likely in a more suburban (yawn) pocket of LA. I’m posting an image of this gorgeously ‘papered bathroom – one that might inspire me in my next home – because it was the master bathroom in my current house that was the clincher when we first toured. It was gutted to marble perfection and unlike anything I had seen in a 1920s Spanish bungalow. I’m hoping to re-discover the same joy in all the other rooms in my house because as I told my daughter Cleo, what really makes a house special is the people who are in it. And also the wallpaper.

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