Home Sick

Home Sick

This week I found my dream home. It’s white, traditional, was built in the 1930s and has all the elegant, original details from the decade. It’s creeping with pale pink roses and crisp ivy and has a perfectly round patio. But it’s on the wrong side of town, just out of our price range, and I can’t stop thinking about it in the way that you might obsess over an unrequited love. And when you obsess, you fantasize…the honeymoon will be in Greece, maybe I will keep my last name, our daughter will be a novelist – and so on.  So there’s this one powder room – I would change the sconces, of course – but would paper it with dark Ashley Woodson Bailey floral wallpaper to make the perfect little statement. A fun vintage mirror and a some kind of edgy black and white photograph would contrast nicely with the sweetness of the blooms. There! One room done – what a great feeling! Oh wait…I’m still single.

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  1. dixie crawford 3 years ago

    I love this wallpaper ! I want it for my powwow and master bedroom …where is it sold how do I buy it thanks so much

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