Hide the 'Stache

Hide the ‘Stache

Today is an important day. True, it’s Cyber Monday which I manage to turn into a family affair (“Come children. Gather ’round the laptop.”) But the notable day of which I speak is the final day of November, which means that MOvember is officially complete. Every year Jon competes for the title of “Best Sex Offender Look Alike” by producing the most thick and juicy ‘stache known to (manly) men. This year he crushed it and raised over twenty thousand dollars for men’s health issues, making him one of the highest fundraisers in the country. And few care about men’s health more than my man, who donates blood basically like, to detox. I discovered this utterly gorgeous Tabula Rasa hand-crocheted hammock and was reminded how other types of fringe can be so lovely and also quite desirable. Sadly, Cyber Monday does not apply to this piece of art for the home but it’s still something that the whole family can enjoy. Click click click!

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