Go shorty

Go shorty

Most parents I know (myself included) lose the birthday bug once they have kids because they focus all their energy on throwing a great soccer/ceramics/petting zoo/fire truck party. When it’s finally your day, it’s like, Whatever. Maybe I’ll get reflexology. Well F that (still trying not to curse.) This year I plan to host a big, fat, obnoxious birthday dinner and my dear friend Sarah, a food-wedding decor-vintage extraordinaire gave me tips for Mason Jar centerpieces for chic, outdoor dining. She says: 1) A bigger, fuller flower looks best in 16 oz. jars (think: peonies, hydrangeas, echinacea) 2) Smaller, 8 oz jars can be lined up together with one huge, single bloom in each 3) Tie a rope around the top of each jar for a cool “farmhouse feel.” 4) Blue antique jars are the most stylish (even though I knew that one already.) She gave me plenty of other fun tabletop tips but you’ll have to check out her blog for more juicy nuggets….And just please don’t ask me how old I’m turning.


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