Glass Houses

Glass Houses

Ah yes. A collection of pretty blown glass vases beneath huge, super white windows….So not my color scheme and so inappropriate for a home where someone might say, “Please don’t ride your scooter inside.” But since I’ve been designing my next house for the past five years, I can wait on these beautes, along with my Olatz monogrammed bedding and splatter paint wallpaper. And when I posted them on Pinterest, I got a ton of re-pins and thumbs ups or whatever so clearly many other people share the blown glass dream. I first discovered these vases in British Elle Decor and they ironically turned out to be from Joe Cariati, an LA based ‘blower. If I were to get married again I would register the hell out of them but since that ship has sailed (and my Hermes china still awaits to be used,) I will do as I tell my girls, and “put them on the list.”


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