Floor Exercise

Floor Exercise

I’m obsessed with rugs. Just recently I purchased a gray and white safari print for Cleo’s nursery and it was a total game changer. Our prior rug was actually shag carpet which would give me palpitations when watching the baby discover broken crayons and other shit that could not be retrieved by professional cleaners. Now it’s like a glorious open field…Vilac wooden clutch toys and lovies are strewn about… And ever since last week it’s been crawling central. My mom bawled me out me out for choosing such a light color way but for once in my life I’m glad I ignored her warning.  I’m posting this amazing Madeline Weinrib rug as a reminder to myself of what to buy in my next house when spit up will not be a threat to floor coverings. And with a pattern like this, I can just imagine all the dance parties to be had.

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