Couch hazard

Couch hazard

As of late, Rafi’s been waking up in the middle of the night and Jon takes her into the “Former TV Room” (soon to be the new bedroom) and sleeps with her on the couch. Aforementioned couch is also where we (sometimes) successfully get her to fall back asleep in the morning. It’s a real smushy, comfy, lush ultrasuede couch with these enormous throw pillows which I years ago copied from Anh Duong’s West Village apartment. All in all, it’s a great bed-substitute. But, we’re ditching it in about a week or so for obvious reasons and are now freaking out over where we are going to snooze with the baby. You might be thinking, just f&%king sleep train her already and you won’t care about the stupid couch. And that would be the correct line of thought. The morning-thing still bugs, though. Below, a couch for my next TV Room. Notice how it is built just for sitting…..


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