Cali King

Cali King

When it comes to personal style, I’ve never been a minimalist. No Margiela, no succulents, no bare skin, no nothin’. In fact, I’m the opposite: a floral print wearing, garden bloom loving, tinted moisturizer kind of girl. And when it comes to my bedroom, I’m pretty much sing the same tune. Since my husband can basically sleep standing up and my melatonin crushes my insomnia, we just decided to decorate the shit out of our sleep space. We have dark eggplant, abstract floral Florence Broadhurst wallpaper and vintage kelly green lamps, one one of which is draped in this custom-made headdress. My baroque-style headboard, however, will eventually be replaced with some sort of canope style in my next house, which will feel regal in a different kind of way. If it’s a more opulent version, I’ll chill with the wallpaper. But if it’s clean and simple, then I’ll go bold on the walls. And that’s how I know I’m not a maximalist.

(Image via MyDomaine)

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