Bombes Away

Bombes Away

Whenever I buy an expensive magazine I am reminded of a “Different World” episode when a friend gets mad at Denise for buying an $8 Italian magazine when she owes her $20.  Like Manolo Blahniks, Euro mags were “cheap” in the 90s. And now, a Brooklyn-based mag like Cherry Bombe can set you back about 18 bucks. I have no shame admitting that I will happily plunk it down for a good indie ‘zine (I like a high quality paper from time to time!) and let me say this: foodies, entertainers and photography buffs alone will agree that this beautiful publication is totally worth it.  And it’s timely! You’ll want the Karlie Kloss “Perfect 10 Cookie” recipe after your kids gorge on Halloween poison. It will practically be like a cleanse. And we all know how much that can cost

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