Bed head

Bed head

I’m feeling uninspired. Probably because I am delirious. My day was spent juggling two kids and then trying to freelance/find a new nanny/catch-up-on emails/eat in the two hour coordinated nap period. Oh yeah. But one kid wouldn’t nap. So that would be the fifteen minute coordinated nap schedule. It’s days like this where I want to hide in a bed (like that would ever happen…..ever again.) But I am pretty sure this is what my next bedroom will look like. The colors sing. The D. Porthault bedding is elegant. The wallpaper is divine. I just might knock the whole freakin thing off. That is, unless, I become inspired between now and then….


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  1. New to LA 9 years ago

    I do love this, and it looks like a $10,000 Rug company rug, as well!

  2. Dasia 8 years ago

    I feel so much happier now I undseratnd all this. Thanks!

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