Becoming a Pattern

Becoming a Pattern

I feel like I could satisfy a lot of my own needs if I just learned how to knit. Then I could create the ultimate, chunky sweater of my dreams, leg warmers for my girls and tons and tons of blankies (because I am a blankie junkie!) But no. I am a great finder and a great shopper but crafty, I am not. I kind of understand why people think I might be that girl, but I am actually the furthest thing from her. I recently discovered what-would-be-my fave store if I were still in NY, called Purl Soho. While I was captivated by all the gorgeousness on their site, they (sadly) only sell patterns, of which I imagine I would stare at all day long, feeling badly for myself. Unless I enlisted a knit wit, then maybe I could get something done…Takers?


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