Heart Attack

Heart Attack

Now with three kids it seems as if there is always a party to plan. And I hate myself a little for admitting this, but I kind of hate it. While I’ve been mistaken for being the crafty type in the past, Martha Stewart, I am not. Nor do I enjoy event planning which often results in a dance studio/gymnasium/park fete. So this post is really a biggups to my friend Jessica who threw a really tasteful, quirky, cool party for her son yesterday, and there was nothing over-the-top about it. Save for the “grown-ups” tequilla-spiked snow cone option, which was quite delightful in the summer heat. But since I’m not as resourceful as Jess, when I found these little Signe Sugar paste hearts that you can throw on top of any vanilla-no-toppings treat (so to speak,) I got excited. And I think, Maybe if I gather up enough shortcuts like these, I might actually cheat Martha.

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