Art Ache

Art Ache

I’m finally emerging from lying in bed for 36 hours due to an insane never-ending migraine. For me, it was a first. But for those of you who get them regularly, you know that the sight of someone’s rolling a guillotine into your bedroom would be welcomed. I got one great thing out of my head-throbbing bed rest, however. I watched two eps of Home By Novagratz on HGTV and got to re-connect with my beloved family of nine. While I’d never be star struck by Brad Pitt, I’d sweat if I saw Courtney and Bob. In a totally gangster episode, they designed up a family’s New Jersey basement but featured the most awesome art organizer I’ve ever seen. I found it here at Moss and you can justify the price by moving it to the kitchen when the kids get older. Novies, you’re my heroes.


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