Are You Jelly?

Are You Jelly?

My mom and I just got back from our annual girl’s trip. This year, we went to Carmel Valley Ranch which was vast, but stunning in a Provence-like way. While there, we did the requisite Monterey Aquarium visit where Cleo proceeded to have the biggest melty freak-out, insisting that she stay outside while the rest of us go in. She screamed, “I don’t want to see the jellyfish!” over and over, as if they could sting her through double (triple) glass. Cut to: a really sweet Northern California gentleman who sauntered over with a jar of baby jellyfish (yes, he worked there though it would be amazing if he didn’t) which immediately quelled Cleo’s fears. So off we went to see leopard sharks and sea otters, as if a world-class fit at the entrance of an aquarium never even occurred. This jelly photo is by one of Jon’s all-time favorite artists, Guido Mocafico, who’s known for his images of intensely hued, freakishly coiled snakes. For years he’s been dying for us to buy the green one for our living room. Okay. Just wondering how many “sweet gentleman” will we need on a daily basis to quell that situation?


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