Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Once a decade I find a person who embodies everything that I find stylish. In the aughts it was Anh Duong. But since then I’ve moved on to Linda Rodin, who has become my ultimate style hero. For obvious reasons, yes – her hair, her lipstick, her glasses – but it’s really her home that I jock. As a lover of texture, color, pattern and flowers, I could move right into her (probably West Village) apartment and feel perfectly at ease. Not to mention her re-introducing me to those Hugo Guiness line drawings, which she artfully frames in thick vintage. Will I ever be brave enough to go full-on gray? Pro’lly not. But do I see myself in a space filled with both old school glamour and a new school hip factor? Oui. But until then, I will channel my inner Linda and try to embrace my authentic style. And I’ll do that after I kick off my Birkenstocks.

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  1. Ronni Wadler 3 years ago

    Wish I had the nerve to do that gray thing…she is lovely still

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