This Is You Know What

This Is You Know What

Yesterday I turned 40 and as a friend who had already hit the mark said, “the lead up is much worse than the actual day.” She was right. I’m totally over it. And I’m totally into it. This could be because I went to an urban sweat lodge and had a very spiritual experience while nestled into an infrared sleeping bag (you get a “free sweat” on your b-day.) Maybe I was delirious from the heat, maybe it was the delightful Noah Baumbach movie I was watching , but I felt connected to a higher power – not like God or anything – but more like my friends who are older and laugh at me for even caring about this birthday. They all spoke to me through the persperation. And today, I feel fine, I feel good. I choose joy. So I am posting this Givenchy oversized pouch with religious iconography, not only because I definitely want to buy it with a Barneys gift card that someone gave me, but also as an ode to my friends who keep me in check. You give me strength.

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  1. Soundis 3 years ago

    Happy Birthday!!! Can wait to celebrate!! How are you? We just got back from Europe last week.

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