Super Charming

Super Charming

I really believe that the new go-to gift should be a chic, single stud. I got one for my birthday and it’s motivating me to get my eighth hole. Just think of it like this: you’ll be giving the gift of mutilation. While Loquet London is known for their sweet and charming lockets, they also make tons of little studs that rep hope, peace, luck, love…They are basically charms for your ears. And for those of you who can’t stop piercing – like moi – they’ll basically serve as a charm necklace for your ears. Currently I’m thinking that if I can move my left third to my right tragus, I can make space for the shooting rainbow. And then if I switch around my sapphire ear cuff, I can make space on my right daith, which will give me room for the diamond dragonfly. And when the music stops, it’s time to quit.


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