Shot Through The Heart!

Shot Through The Heart!

I just returned from my solo New York vacay (and I highly recommend a solitaire escape for all mamas) but have since been having conflicting feelings about my living in LA. This trip I took note of all the young families in the city, wondering if I should really have been one of them. Even though my friends all tell me how tough it is to be there with little kids, I still wonder what my life would have been like had I stayed and toughed it out. I just love that city so deeply. And to boot, I get to break out all my dope shit that are too harsh for pristine LA eyes. At some point I wish to own this Delfina Delettrez ring as it perfectly captures my current emotional state. So this post is an ode to all my East Coast lovers, to whom I’d like to quote Amy Poehler in Mean Girls: “You keep me young, I love ya so much!” (Wink.)

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