Ring Around The Collar

Ring Around The Collar

You know when your kids incessantly beg you for a puppy and you want to make them the happiest children in the world but you can’t imagine having a fourth daughter? Because you know that you will definitely wind up with a girl dog? And her name will be Roxy? So that is kind of the only conversation we are having in our house right now. And the kids are pulling out all the stops. Rafi, who’s almost seven, proudly scooped our neighbor’s dog’s poop and declared that I will not be the only one who will have to look after a new four legged friend. (Duh…Our nanny.) And yet, what if the thing tears up the oversized Gucci scarf pillow that is already ripping at the corners? And who will watch it when we all flee for Spring Break if my brother gets a real job? It’s these things that I pretend to worry about. But I do know one thing: Roxy can wear this super sporty Beast Babe dog collar – the only dog paraphernalia that I have ever written about and will ever write about. Why? Because I’m just not a puppy person. Or am I?

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