Knife Fight

Knife Fight

We clearly have a problem with utensils in this house. While Gemma, Rafi and I were making avocado and cacao mousse, someone – and I won’t name names, but let’s just say her name rhymes with “Gaddafi” – left the spoon in the food processor. So upon hitting the power button, the entire plastic bowl blew out, shards flew everywhere, and chocolate mousse splattered across the entire kitchen, embedding itself into tile crevices and utility buttons. We now call the incident “The Great Chocolate Mousse Blow Out of ’16.” Naturally the girls were only concerned with their being enough to eat for desert. And I couldn’t help but feel if that spoon was a little better looking, a little more hand-crafted, and like, a lot more expensive – like these stunning Poglia knives – that I would have double-checked to see if anything was left in the machine.  I will therefore re-direct the blame on to my 29 year old self, for not registering for more fabulous spoons. If I were to register today? I would own a full set of these very serious knives, and none would ever be left in the pudding.

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