It's a Tie

It’s a Tie

One of my best friends is about to get married and there’s been lots of long-distance convos about necklines, heel height and layer cake. And then there’s the flower discussion about peonies being flown in and all shades of pale. All I know is that this company Frou Frou Chic makes these gorgeous silk ribbons that are hand-dyed in France with custom pigments and then frayed by hand. I wish I had heard about it when I was planning my own wedding, back when we used cell phones to call people. They make ruffles and crinkles and bundles but I think that I would have gone straight-up Blanc for my ombre garden rose bouquet (quick shout out to my florist Miho Kosuda!) I think this would make such a special shower gift for a bride-to-be, though let it be known that I’m obsessed with these Desmond & Dempsey monogrammed pajamas that I wound up buying her. No bestie getting hitched? Other ideas include: using it to wrap a big-number birthday gift or to tie around your daughter’s wrist with an added charm. In any event, hand-dyed + varied batches + custom spools = Instagrammable moments. And isn’t that what today’s wedding is all about?

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