Dog House

Dog House

You’re welcome. It’s Givenchy’s “Rottweiler” IPhone case from one phone-ago. I just got the “5” which needs a new outfit and this one, while amazing, is a little too body-con for my taste (it’s made for the “4”.) Plus, it’s practically sold out everywhere except for here, an Australian retailer. But I just love it. So it begs the question: do I try to squeeze my new phone into the smaller size without a protective case? Or do I get a lame-ass case that actually fits but isn’t as exciting as this Rottweiler graphic (that will clearly never get old.) The real reason for this post is to reiterate that the IPhone 5 is that much better and worth the upgrade…Just make sure to dress it well!

***It also lets you order Hipstamatic prints so you can post all of your gorgeous babies on the fridge. Finally!

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