Do You

Do You

There’s nothing like walking into a perfectly architected home that has no soul. It’s as if you can barely understand who the inhabitants are. The same goes for a stylist curated outfit that fails to reflect the person in it. I think bad style is better than no style because at least bad style is expressive. So if there’s an opportunity to personalize bedding, a bag, a lunchbox, I say…Yes, we can. I read about these Itchy Scratchy Patchy patches in the New York Times and was immediately drawn to their quirky aesthetic (see: sumo girls series). Coupled with my new fave local spot, Lot, Stock and Barrel, which does custom embroidery on denim and vintage army jackets, I felt like I died and gone to jean jacket heaven. What if you bought a bunch of patches for your style-free friend (there are also more chill options like nettles and marigolds) and let her figure out what to do with them? Force her to reveal herself as an exercise and it becomes the gift of creative imposition. Just say it with me: Stronger together!



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