Crystal moment

Crystal Moment

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 40th birthday with a huge dinner party at one of my favorite spots in the Arts Districts in Downtown LA. To say it was #magical would sound cheesy, but that is the only hashtag I can use to describe it. I felt doused with love and affection…and also gifts. Some notables ones included skinny pinky rings, a golden fringed wall hanging and a fancy Japanese couples massage/sushi bonanza. And from my friend Stacey, I received a packet of crystals that she hand selected for me and told me to google for their meanings. It was a unique little gift of health and spirituality, as I carry them around with me inside this pony hair Claire Vivier coin clutch. So now I have all these big-time important vibes hangin’ around my aura everyday, making me wonder how clear, strong, wise, positive and creatively productive I am by the time I hit 41.

(image from the boho garden





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  1. Ronni Wadler 3 years ago

    That’s a pretty heavy weight to carry around just to be clean, strong , wise and creative!

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