Clutch Moment

Clutch Moment

The birthday circuit. As many of my friends approach 40, there are lots of parties to go to, lots of gifts to buy. It’s like when everyone got married at once. But now the questions are: when do you spurge, when do you chip in, when do you gift card it? For the “chip in” route, there are certain things that will make just about any 40 year old lady happy. Such things are practical, clean, beautifully made and basically fit everyone’s style. Claire Vivier, which seems to be the go-to for birthday gifts, has a sophisticated older sister and her name is Mansur Gavriel. Simpler and more functional, it’s a brand even non-minimalists like myself can appreciate. This clutch – which comes in a bunch of sorbet suede shades – is the ultimate little birthday mwah. Who wouldn’t want to ring in the a new decade looking chic as hell? Because we didn’t in our twenties.

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