Boxed Out

Boxed out

A college friend’s mom died last week so I decided to do a one day trip to Arizona to be with her for the service. The joke of the day became, How many Edible Arrangements fruit bouquets can we possibly eat? Or look at? So many flower-shaped, chocolate-dipped pineapple bites, so little time. Of course, no one knows what to offer someone in mourning, because nothing phsyical is enough to mend that kind of pain. As a person who lost a parent years ago, I can speak first-hand. But I do love the idea of sending something a bit indulgent a few weeks later, when the visitors have gone, things have calmed down and you want your friend to take a moment for herself. Barett Prendergast of Valleybrink Road makes the most beautiful boxes for just about any occasion. But this one, called The Healing Box, is a thoughtful gesture for a friend who needs to do just that: heal. Clearly it’s symbolic, seeing that the arrangement arrives with sage bundles and breathe balms, but it will force her to put the delivered quiche down for a moment and take care of herself. But more importantly, there are only so many honeydew skewers that one family can take.

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