Bottle Service

Bottle Service

When it comes to food, I’m fairly in tune with my taste buds: Too much acid! The allspice is overpowering! These are under caramelized! With wine, however, my palette becomes pretty plebeian – pretty quickly. It goes something like this: Too grapey. It’s so after-taste-y. Hmm. Are those notes of vine? But when a friend told me about Wine Simple, a customized vino delivery service, I never again had to play the fool. After filling out a small survey about your specific tastes (think: dark vs. milk vs. white), you’re then matched with varietals that best suit your ‘buds based on an algorithym which gets smarter as you rate your (wine) mates. Needless to say, the questionnaire worked like a charm and all of my matches were on point. It might be the first online match-making service to claim that kind of success.

(note: image is only representative!)

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