Wrinkle in Time

Wrinkle in Time

Unless you’re reading this post from #sprangbreak or are about to pop one out, you should be using some form of retinol, the heralded vitamin A derivative that is to aging gracefully as lash extensions are to self-confidence (just me?)  Personally, I’ve run through the gamut: my derm’s in-house serum, a “natural” formula, a hyped-up cream from a celeb facialist, and good ol’, full-blown Retin-A. Full disclosure: not impressed with any of ’em. Years ago, I had lunch with Sunday Riley and she gave me the the low down on her luxurious but multi-performing products. I got hooked on a few (Good Genes and  Cashmere Sun Defense, specifically) and continued to buy them long after our meeting. I was just so impressed with everything I tried  – it’s one of those rare lines that’s literally worth every penny. So when I discovered her Luna sleeping retinol oil, I knew I found at least one piece to my long-term skincare puzzle. It’s for all skin types (check), not freakishly drying (check), non-inflammatory (check) and is packed with the highest quality ingredients possible (check, check, check – that’s Sunday’s thing). I turn 40 in May, so I will circle back and let you know if I still look 39. But for now, focusing on finding the best eye cream.

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