Skin Deep

Skin Deep

I’m not surprised that my new favorite beauty supplement, Raw Complexion’s Skintox, is founded by two Aussie gals, seeing that my last favorite beauty supplement, Super Elixir, is founded by ONE Elle McPhearson. What can I say, these Down Under ladies really know how to work the marketing angle. Packed with glowifying Camu Camu, Bee Pollen and Schisandra Berry, I was definetely seduced by the Skintox claim – that it cleanses and nourishes the skin from within. I bit immediately. What’s one more heap of random powder in that shake? But upon further research I discovered that what it really does is detox your liver, which is the root cause of so many skin issues. This I like even more because as I’ve learned in therapy, a really expensive skin balm is just a band aid to the problem. And if I picked up anything while studying abroad in Sydney, it’s that you need to go hard with anything you do. That, and that you should drink beer at 9:00am.

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