Root Cause

Root Cause

Jon’s obsession with the Bulletproof life, along with my angst about my genetics have made us both interested in finding a solid Functional Medicine Practitioner, who gets to the root of any health concern. I’m not sure what kind of credentials he or she will have, but I’m into it anyway. And yes, I’m also considering speaking to a Medical Medium (but that’s a whole other topic.) In related news, I discovered this gorgeously packaged, deliciously earthy line called Root Science, which is nutrient-dense and totally pure when it comes to ingredients. The products really take care of business because of their ability to be naturally absorbed, allowing them to deeply penetrate the skin. While I think that the line’s serums are going to be the next cult thing, I’d like shout out the Detox Facial Mask which is like the best antidote to a grimy summer day: it sucks up excess oil, unclogs pores and clears up blemishes. And I love that it’s in powder form, so when you add water, it gets pastey and muddy and you can just feel it going to town on your t-zone. It’s now my go-to for a gnarly skin day (again, summer, blegh.) That said, I can’t wait to use it in cooler months because it also calms redness, which is my signature complaint. Although I’m trying to save all complaints for the new Functional guy.

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