Mask Task

Mask Task

My issue with investing in high-end skincare is that I like to see immediate results – hard to achieve when you’re busy staring at that wrinkle. So I tend to buy really quality masks that target specific problems for that Sunday night come down. Lemme tell you about this Tammy Fender clay mask: it’s incredibly soothing with it’s soufflé like texture but it’s actually getting something done. Packed with good stuff like exotic lotus, African baobab and vitamin C, it’s super hydrating, regenerates cells and shrinks up pores. But, something (and I’m guessing that it’s the natural AHAs) gives you that post-peel look once you wipe it all off. Not like a “get me a bee keeper hat” look but a “quick visit to the derm” look. But then your skin calms down and you are…radiant. Oddly enough, the scary red part is what appeals to me because I know I’m not just slathering on a $200 anti-aging cream, wondering if it’s actually doing anything. This is much more simple: slather it on, reveal the redness, get the glow. It’s the perfect primer for an evening out. In fact, forget the Sunday let down – this is a Saturday night pick up.

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