Mask Task

Mask Task

Last weekend I got suckered into spending $250 at Violet Gray to get my makeup done. The antidote to spending so much freakin’ money on something that in theory I could have done myself (I was already wearing lash extensions) was the sales girl up in my face telling me that I get product in return.  I was like, You know what? I accept that rationale! Also I was just really psyched to justify my buying a really fancy hair mask. If you can apply the word “justice” to anything about this scenario. The cute makeup artist – who was a little obsessed with me – was also a little obsessed with this Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask, packed with pure prickly pear seed oil which is strengthening and restorative. She also swore up and down that she will spend $70 on it when she runs out. I told her my biggest hair complaint is undefined waves due to my straw-like ends that I refuse to trim. Basically, the strawness straightens out strands so it looks like one big highlighted rat’s nest. But I used the mask and I’m telling you, everything was softer, waves were Laguna Beachy and I didn’t need to put it in a sleek pony when I went to dinner that night. This shit’s for real. High fives all around. And plenty more fives to purchase it.





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