Loose lips

Loose lips

Every time I get press I get a s*it of new readers and then feel responsible for actually having to say something interesting. Enter mental block. So this post is about as superficial as it’s gets but is about one of my all-time favorite topics: Lip Stains. Anyone with a baby or a child young enough to still want to be smothered knows that lip gloss during the day is nisht-nisht. My Chanel Glossimer in Spark is now reserved for the after 7 set. I’ve tried every brand of stain and will continue to test them as they enter the market because I am that obsessed. My new favorite find is Serge Lutens Water Lip Color which looks black but simply enhances the natural color of your lips. For instance, I have a lot of blue undertones in mine so it makes me look as if I’ve emerged from a pool on a chilly day, a look I find oddly attractive. So imagine your lashes just naturally looking longer or your hair appearing thicker-it’s like that. And you can kiss your babies all day long because this sucker is staying put.


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  1. Maia 8 years ago

    Must try! I have been stuck on the Fresh Sugar lip treatments because they are non-invasive and still feel and smell nice. But this sounds like a must-try!

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