Hyper Active

Hyper Active

This arrived on my doorstep on a day when I was feeling really meh. I seriously thought that if I just got my car washed, life would be better. I got it washed and somehow, nothing really changed. But later that night I got the boost that I needed when I test-drove Vintner’s Daughter to see what all the *hyeeepe* is about. I’ll start by saying that I’m a sucker for anything with a ritual, and Vintner’s is all about the routine: rub six droplets of (very expensive) golden serum into palms until you feel it actively warm up, and then press into skin, over and over for about half a minute. This imparts a gentle flush – probably from the 22 active botanicals(!) – which then turns into a dewy glow. The bigger deal is the morning rush-to-the-mirror moment when your find your skin clear, smooth and luminous. Anyone who feels the pang of aging knows how good it feels to wake up with your face lookin’ youthful. In the end, I file this under: Hype Believed!

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