Goldie Locks

Goldie Locks

You know when you just wanna have a summer fling with one of your hot boxing coaches? And by “hot boxing coach” I mean, “great surf spray?” Well this Golden Waves version from Captain Blankenship is just that: a three month hiatus from your regularly scheduled program. Now I am someone that attempts beachy waves year-round, but one with gold shimmer should definitely be reserved for one season and one season only. After spraying it on myself everyday for the past week, however, I can say that the shimmery micro particles are not scary at all. Rather, they make highlights pop while adding dimension to waves. And like the original, this is an all-star sea spray that really adds that coveted ocean element – even when you’re hang in’ by the pool. Of course you don’t want to OG (over gold), so mist with caution. In other words…be discreet, for peet’s sake.


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