Beauty School

Beauty School

My three girls could not be more obsessed with makeup and perfume right now. It’s as if the joy that I’ve known for so many years as a beauty editor (my first boss told me I was hired because I nearly passed out from happiness when I walked into the Mademoiselle beauty closet) just found them as well. I’m FO SHO not saying that all little girls are into beauty products…I’m just saying that I’m not surprised mine are. When they discovered my new Phuong Dang travel sprays in my bathroom, three little mouths dropped. And so I said, “Gather ’round, girls…let mama teach you about perfume.” It was a special moment: I launched into a lesson about top notes and base notes, complexity, and why some bottles are more special than others. And then I told them about how Phuong is a true artist and wanted to make scents that noone has ever experienced. I explained that a legendary perfumer from a little town called Grasse told Phuong that their collaboration was the project he had been waiting for all his life. And also how some scents just become yours for life. Then we all chose our favorites and danced around in the mist.

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