Band Width

Band Width

In the rare occasion that I wear black (in this case it would be a part Persian New York City rehearsal dinner), I usually feel an urgent need to deconstruct it with either something colorful or ultra-feminine. I still feel like such a New Yorker in so many ways but my style has really always been in step with the more casual, bright Southern California look. But since I couldn’t resist a steeply reduced Burberry dress from Moda Operandi, now it’s time to figure out how to make it a little more me. I decided that there has to be some kind of bohemian hair moment and this Rodarte piece (and by “piece” I mean “antique floral brass honey headdress”), is the accessory that I continue to envision. On the runway the girls wore it backward halo-style, which is now a thing. But ultimately I’m just hoping it will beam me mental strength while I give my speech to all those other people in black.

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