Bake Off

Bake Off

Teacher gifts are especially annoying this year since my school announced that they are officially deemed unnecessary – save for homemade cards and baked goods, of course. So…that’s great…but it’s like, you don’t want to show up empty handed. For those of us who don’t have a part-time events company like everyone seems to have right now, I believe that bundling up a few of these gorgeous Osmia Organics soaps in twine will strike a nice holiday chord with just about everyone. They’re pretty, practical and with twelve different scents, are arguably personal (is your 2nd grade teacher more Vetiver Sun or Lavender Shea, you might ask yourself.) Naturally my favorite is the Milky Rose which has bitter orange and buttermilk (powder), kind of serving as the non-event planner’s answer to homemade cookies.

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