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I launched Macaroon Original in 2009

days before my second daughter was born, after becoming obsessed with the kids market. Five years later I just stopped, feeling as if I had nothing left to say. But after taking a year long break I realized that I’ve simply grown out of that early motherhood bliss where everything important is in the shape of a bloomer or an artful mobile. Those blurry, early days were a precious moment in my life but eventually I re-entered the world with a new pair of eyes, seeing everything through a different lens. The things I’ve always been passionate about – home design, travel, beauty, health (to name a few) – grew exponentially as my daughters moved from the crib to the bed. Now that they’re truly unique little people, I want to teach them about the world – from taking them to Nicaragua to showing them to how to take care of their skin. Macaroon 2.0 is really for us mothers who have a soulful connection to things that extend beyond our kids, but are able to relate in a way that only a parent can. Maybe it’s the villa in Sicily you’re dying to rent but need to postpone until your toddler is less active. Or the exquisite face balm that’s a fortune but makes life easier by standing in for three other products. That stuff. And lastly, I should say that this picture doesn’t accurately represent who I am as my youngest girl was bawling her eyes out when it was taken. Yeah, you know.

I want to thank you for letting me share my of-the-moment fixations with you here. Writing fuels an important part of me and I’m motivated to keep going because enough of you tell me that you love Macaroon. I’m grateful to you for pushing me to keep exploring and if anything, I hope this next incarnation just makes you smile. But of course as you’re reading, please don’t hesitate to roll your eyes when you feel the urge. We’re all on the same page.

xo, Zoe

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