• Favorite Soap

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    Maybe it’s because it’s winter so I’ve been taking longer showers (shhhh!) but lately I’ve been craving a good old-fashion bar soap. Not of the Irish Spring variety but one that doesn’t strip your skin of all moisture and smell of pine trees....

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  • Wall Nut

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    Every house we tour comes back to this Dufour et Leroy wallpaper. But can I mural the foyer? And if the answer is no, my agent knows to move on. So I thought I’d share a little ditty about a girl and her Fromental hand-painted chinoiserie...

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  • Bed Bugs

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    Over the years I’ve had a lot of friends ask me about kids bedding and until now I’ve never really had a great response other than “just have someone custom make something for you!” as if that was the...

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  • World Class

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    I’m very inspired by that incredible Courtney Adamo who is taking her four kids around the world for a year in a camper…PFFT!! Sorry. Just thinking about my kids doing that. And yet, it gets me thinking: how would I map...

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  • Freshly Picked

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    Last week I wanted to send a friend in New York flowers but she just moved to the suburbs and I didn’t know of a trusted florist. I mean the out-of-town-flower-thing can go so wrong, so fast. Once I...

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  • Mane Event

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    Last week when I went in to get my hair trimmed, my girl literally touched it, made a scary face and backed away. She just couldn’t help it. I’ve since decided that I need to treat my hair like I...

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  • Macaroon on The Hive

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    A big thank you to The Hive Mag for the fun feature on my girl gift picks in this week’s edition!

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  • Happy Meal

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    My dining room makes me sad. It’s where we’ve shared so many amazing meals with friends and family but the table and chairs need a serious exit strategy. I asked designer friend Ruthie to come over and immediately she grabbed...

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